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Happy Holidays folks! I have a little treat, here's a little gift from me to you.



Use these cards for Thank Yous or friendly notes to your hosts.  Fuss free fete tip? Address the cards with who you'll be seeing this weekend. Then on Monday, you can just write a quick note and pop 'em in the mail. No having to look up addresses or remembering what you received. Unless of course, you are really good with remembering your Thank You cards, but mine usually end up going out towards the middle of January.  Not this year! I also made some matching gift tags, just in case...

And see the AWESOME tinsel wrapped word up there?  It's a photshop brush. I learned how to do it HERE from Katrina of PUGLY PIXEL.  I also downloaded it after trying it a few times.  I am pleased to say, the above is from my creation using the tutorial.  I have not installed the one I just got from my membership. Isn't it funny the way things work after you just give up and try another method? I want to tell you that I am NOT good at photoshop.  I just don't find my way around very well, it's one of my goals in the new year... 

Other random news...I have a goodie for you! Have you heard of Lifestyle Crafts? A few months ago I was lucky enough to win a Letterpress Combo Kit over on THE STATIONERY PLACE and have been pleased as punch ever since. Well, they heard how much I love them, (thank you Melanie!) and guess who's an affiliate now? YAY! So that means I get to try out great new products for my machine and share some awesome DIYs with you.  It ALSO means that you, as my lovely readers, get 20% off your order ANYTIME you like, no expiration date. Just go to Lifestyle Crafts and use the code "HANK" and voila, instant sale. {side glance to cute button on the left} Which brings me to my point today...need some holiday printables? Well, Lifestyle Crafts also has printables. I am crazy over this printable trophy deer head. *I want to disclose that I do receive compensation if you use my code.  

Tis the season and I am so ready for Christmas! I know I promised some holiday posts. I really meant well. To be perfectly honest, I'm off this year. I don't know why, but usually we have everything bought and wrapped up by now and we are all just sitting around drinking hot cocoa. So, since one of the joys of everyday is Saturday and not having an office job, I am cutting out of here early. I suggest you all do the same and enjoy the season.  As a decorations designer, I'm always thinking ahead to the next holiday. It's time to slow down and relish in some of these wonderful things and get my Christmas on with the boys, no photos required.

I'll also be doing a little tweeking on the blog over the holiday, just a few little adjustments here and there. So, if you pop in and see something wonky, just know I am probably scrambling around going "holy cannoli!!" trying to fix it. 

PLEASE don't forget to go take my survey HERE! Really, it will help me plan for next year! Pretty, pretty please! It is only 9 questions.  

See you next year and have a safe, warm, & lovely holiday!

xo, Jenny

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