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DIY Goodies On The Sweetest Occasion

As I finish up a few things for the shop...the printies are coming, the printies are coming...I thought I would share some links for the DIYs this week over on The Sweetest Occasion.
One of my resloutions this year was to show you how to make everything in my shop.  Everything. I know there are a bunch of crafty mavens out there, just like me, that will always try to figure it out for themselves.  So here's a little sweet DIY for you...

Here is the tutorial I did for this little heart pom cupcake topper.  It's my second Valentine's Topper over on The Sweetest Occasion.  It's incredibly cute and easy to make.  

Here is a link to the Clay Table Numbers and Flags tutorial also on The Sweetest Occasion.  The possibilities are endless...I'm going to try to make a pennant garland out of clay for Henry's birthday (which I just realized is two and a half weeks away...EEK!)

*Of course, if you would just like someone to make it for can find goodies in my shop or feel free to email me for custom work. XO

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