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Vintage Inspiration - ALL WRAPPED UP

I found this book ages ago...really. Like, when I was still in school and killing time between classes and cruising the aisles of Barnes and Noble.  I found it on a fluke again ('cause I could never remember the name) a few years back and snatched it up.  All Wrapped Up by Kevin Akers is fabulous. I love just flipping through the pages.  I've been personally obsessed and trying to make the retro bows in Illustrator.

I highly recommend this book if you have a vintage streak or a love of retro colorways.  It's a compilation of 60's vintage wrapping paper.  I use it all the time for colorways and pattern inspiration, I can't be the only one. For example...this watercolor plaid pattern...


...could be used as a starting point to spice up your fete...add dinnerware from Anthro or napkins from this fabric from Jay McCarroll for FreeSpirit.

I'll share some more goodies from this great little number as I perfect my little bows and plan some colorways for some goodies coming up.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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