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First course of business.  You might have noticed I haven't given my full focus this week...I shot (and reshot) the beginnings of my printie collection for the shop.  Hooray for printies! aka Printables.  I've been meaning to share these with you for a bit...but various technical difficulties...needless to say, the printies are here! (Notice the fab cupcake stand I bribed my hubby to make me, yes my hunk made that from a hunk of metal for me...and now YOU)

My entire inspiration for the collection is simplicity.  After hunting fabric shops and papery stores, and never finding the right sized gingham or stripe in that certain shade I wanted...I figured I could just make it.  So I did. Simple and modern colorways, in plain pretty patterns, ready to mix and match. The awesomest (so not a word I know...) part is that now, I have patterns that can be any shade or tint or mulit-color WE want. Period. I didn't want to provide more children's printables, there are experts in that loveliness (LOVE THE DAY and ANDERS RUFF) or more gorgeous wedding suites (BLUSH PRINTABLES and GO AGAINST THE GRAIN), still already experts in that field of loveliness...I just wanted simple ones.  Little bits to accent the already fabulous plethora of printables. 

There are two sizes.  Cupcake and Mini pages (above).  The cupcake page comes with 12 standard cupcake topper flags and 6 pennant shape flags.  Mini comes with teeny little cupcake topper flags, one big bunting shape, and six little bunting shapes.  Mix and match the two to make garlands or double them up on extra tall sticks.  At $5 a could have them ALL.

**GIVEAWAY** First go to Monday's RAINBOW OF INSPIRATION POST and enter to win cupcake toppers from MOI!

THEN...go enter to win this photography package of AWESOMENESS....

Alrighty...The ONLY reget from my own personal wedding, was not hiring a photographer.  We had a friend fo the family who was technically a photographer and it was...ok.  I think one of the most importante elements of a great day is hiring a photographer that KNOWS the awesomeness that you want to capture...SO...I'm always a bit jealous when I see fabulous wedding pictures.  I was amazed when I saw these little stills of loveliness over on Postcards and Pretties. But DO YOU wanna win an ENTIRE wedding photography package from the AMAZING photogs 13:13 Photography? Go NOW to Postcards and Pretties and enter to WIN.

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Happy Friday!

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