girls just wanna have sun

Happy Friday!

Let me first say...I just love this.
I'm off to plan Henry's 5th birthday party that is in two weeks.  To answer some questions I know just popped in your head...YES, I am using this gorgeous art by Dolan Geiman as inspiration.  ...and NO,  I will not be dressed like that...much to the dispair of my hubby. I am not making a SAUCY bday party for my soon to be five year old.  I am inspired by the modern feel and vintagy worn look.  So, for the past month or so I have been toying with the idea of a modern cowboy party...Monday, I will share my inspiration board. 
Which may not even come to life...we just confirmed last night we are going up to visit the inlaws for a huge birthday weekend! Cousin H turns 1 that weekend too! Which is fabulous!  We are super excited and I haven't told the boys yet in hopes of having that little moment like they show on those Disney commercials, where the kids get all excited, shake and freak out. But, cute. Not how I just made it sound. Anyways, I won't be able to drag an arsenal of party wares.  It will be simple.  and easy.  and still cute (cause I can only rock awesome)

REMEMBER to enter the RAINBOW OF INSPIRATION giveaway on Monday's Post.  Contest ends tonight at 5pm.  I will choose a winner via and make the announcement before I sign off for the weekend!

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