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A little treat...

Hello lovelies! I just wanted to pop in and say I'm sorry for the lack of posts, our house got hit with one heck of a cold. So, not only are we all sick, but with BOTH kids home ALL productivity levels take a hit.  But on a sweeter note...I have found an INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookie recipe.  My brother, has been gluten free for a while and insists that his overall health and energy levels have improved.  The funny thing is, as far as health stuff is concerned (and perfume/cologne) we are pretty much on the same boat.  So, for the past week, I have been trying gluten free...and honestly it's not that hard but I can't tell you about energy levels because we're all sick as a dog. But I also don't feel deprived.  Especially, not with these in the house.

My twitter lovelies helped me find some fabulous GF sites and I want to give a big hug to Lisa from With Style and Grace, who's recommendations led me to these cookies over on gluten-freelicious.  **I also made Lisa's recipe for GF Pumpkin Bread and oh dear heaven... I made it twice last weekend, it didn't survive for the photoshoot.

Now, this recipe really is AWESOME.  Like forget the gluten-free makes a fab cookie.  I used mini chocolate chips, because I enjoy even distribution of smaller amounts of chocolate. I would rank it overall SECOND BEST, because these are still my #1 FAVORITE.

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