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Happy Friday Darlings!  This is my second editon of Font Friday.  This series is probably the most fun I've had with posts...I love fonts.  I have way too many.  I love finding new ones. I'm loving the goodies from my new font crazy pals, so go NOW and check out the font loveliness (and their other incredible talents) over on LITTLE BIT HEART, LAUREN ELISE CRAFTED, SUPER SWOON (mid week goodness on Tuesdays), AERIALIST PRESS and THE KNOTTY BRIDE.

I love today's font so much I bought it. Instantly. At only $22 bucks it was totally worth it! I am using it to label goodies for Henry's birthday and have been playing with it ever since.  I have been chomping at the bit for my new computer (should be here today!! woo hoo!!) so I can play with Illustrator again.  I can't wait to get this on some cupcake toppers.  Seriously, how perfect is this for a Modern Cowboy Fete? Imagine it simply announcing jam flavors or printed on some muslin tags with a horseshoe illustration?  I love it. The best looks AWESOME huge.  Like as letters on bunting, oh yeah.

It's totally modern but totally westernish.  It reminds me of the casino signs around here. (Duh,'s called studio NEON)  Yesterday, as I looked in the cupboard, I found this little lovely bag of candy...gee, that looks surprisingly similar, is the font old fashioned?, not really. It goes...but it's not glaringly dated like the "wild cherry" font screams western. So, this new font o'mine...perfect.

Studio Neon is a fabulous "signage" font, as in it looks great on signs, packaging, flyers, labels...and/or party goodies. I highly recommend it. If you need to find me this weekend...I'll be labeling everything I own with it...xo

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