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Martha Does Cupcakes

So, last week, I dared to bring the minimen to Macy's.  I was desperate.  After weeks of not being able to go shopping because some boy (or me) was sick, I had to venture out to get two birthday presents.  Yes, I know there is the internet. For me, if I am not quite sure what to get, I have to physically shop. I find it easier to get inspiration when I see grouped items together rather than little squares on my screen.  Besides, getting out of the house and a little vitamin D is good for you, even if that means a four year old running through the china department.

Anyhoo, low and behold I found these little cupcake stands by Martha Stewart for Macy's.  They are like miniature versions of her round cakestands, which for some reason ::hmmmpff:: are never available in the Reno Macy's. Not that I am surprised.  What did surprise me was these little cuties sitting in their adorable little box of two. My first thought was "Brilliant!! This is perfect for Auntie A!" My second thought was "Martha, where have you been all my life. NO seriously, where have you been? Cupcakes have been hot for YEARS!" She knows this, a book comes to mind...Either way. I could care less.  She finally did it, gorgeously BTW, and I cleaned out the TWO boxes Reno had, sorry Renoites/Renoeans/people of Reno, all gone. They are super reasonably priced when you use those famous Macy's coupons. I couldn't find them online...just another reason shopping on your two feet is well worth it.

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