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I heart Pugly Pixel...pattern making in PSD

If you write a blog or design your own paper & digital goodies your next best friend should be Katrina at PUGLY PIXEL. I'm mildly obsessed.  I bring two kids to Starbucks just so I can download her most recent treats (remember, I have dial-up) and graphics. I am a Premium Member - which means I get EXTRA goodies for only $5/month.  Not that there isn't a ton of sweets for FREE.  Remember my gift guide?  Those pretty little sequins and velvet ribbons are from Katrina. LOVE HER. My most favorite tutorials on how to make patterns in Photoshop. Easy and adorably modern, these little videos are amazing! I love them because I learned a new way to make patterns.  I already knew of three other ways.  This is by far the easiest I have seen and you HAVE to go check out the TUTORIALS over at  POWERED BY PASTRIES by Pugly Pixel.  Powered by Pastries is a second blog by Katrina, where she gives tutorials on fixing rogue elements of your blog, offers template designs and various other treats. Oh, and mark out a bit of time off your schedule, 'cause you'll be hooked. I am.

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