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This month Hank + Hunt is over on Papernstitch, which is a fabulous venue for selling wares.  It's like a very cool craft market, but online, and Britini is just the sweetest and most inspiring girl ever. psst...we also have a coupon...go see us here.

But the best part about this exhibition? I find out about the coolest shops...LA BOOM ARTS + CRAFTS is one of them.  You know I have a thing for little paper flags and banners...

 These two are LIGHTBOXES and something special appears when lit.  Brilliant!

  How perfect for a modern birthday cake topper or decoration at a shower? 
I just want this to send to a friend...just because it would make them smile.

   Tatiana is amazing and go see her CRAFTING THE DAY, a craft a day project over on her BLOG.

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