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I SWOON for Super Swoon

When I started stalking...err...following my favorite font fiends on font friday, I found the blog SUPER SWOON.  I was instantly smitten with Kerry, of swoon worthy PAPER DAHLIA,  and anything everything that girl does.  One fine Monday, she posted a memorable little quote that is simply perfect.  You might have seen it any and everywhere from Creature Comforts to all over Pinterest.  I love it. No, I adore it. Kerry has opened a new shop and has made a print of this divine little piece of AWESOMENESS.  I wonder what else this girl as up her sleeves.

Go buy it HERE. I can't wait to get mine!!! WOO HOO! XOXO Kerry! Hang it on your wall, by the front door, so it can make you smile before you go. Mine's going right above my desk, I can't wait to see the awesomeness it shall inspire.

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