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Real Party: Shannon

Keaton's Party, a black white and green masterpiece, is a chic little kids party by Shannon over on WHAT'S UP WHIMSY **A must read blog with all kinds of design goodness** Shannon used Hank + Hunt GREEN FELT FLAGS for an accent in a party styled after my own heart.  {I especially love this because in the new blog, it's all black, white and green...SWOON} She made cute little green garlands from Sharon's tutorial, that remind me, I've GOT to make these for my next shindig....
I adore the use of one color that pops against a black and white sea.  Can I just say that it is so sweetly simple, but cool with all the things that I love in a party?  Giant round balloons held down with black I the only one going gaga over this idea? How perfect, something CUTE to tie down those behemoths, so you don't have to tie it to the table, right?  It turns out so MUCH cuter this way.

I am speechless about this little table topper called astroturf...TOTALLY.FREAKIN'.GENIUS. 

Go check out all of the party, with all the fab sources and details, HERE.

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