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Hello Sweets! Happy VERY first day of Summer! How have you all been?  Did you miss me?  I missed you guys.  As you can see, I've been doing a bit of housekeeping...just a little nip and tuck, really.  It's a bit bold, I'll be the first to admit, so it's certainly not a permanent thing.  But it is a bit of fun for summer and if you can't play in the summertime...well, what fun is that?  Despite having a move ::ahem:: that lasted a bit longer than was originally planned, we have been running around the backyard with grass, beautiful grass between our toes.  So, in celebration for summer, I plan on having a series for FUSS FREE FETES.  A bunch of little easy things for those spontaneous parties that pop up when the sun warms our souls.

Fuss Free Fete TIP#1
Homemade.  Make at least one thing handmade. Keep it simple.  Every Friday at our house is 'pizza movie night'  I wanted the boys to have something special that we will keep up with as they get older.  Yeah, it could have been a big Sunday dinner, but I will admit, I can't cook.  Huge, organized, get the food hot and ready on the table at the same time is not the type of mother I am. *I have done it two years running for Thanksgiving though...yay, me!  I'm working on it. So, let's be realistic. If we have a hectic week, we will ALWAYS be able to order pizza. I am not a complete sell out...we do make homemade pizza quite often. But my longwinded point is...make SOMETHING...ANYTHING...handmade.  Make it something easy.  Pizza is quite easy, but my inlaws were joining us, so homemade pizza would have been an undertaking.  I just moved people!!

So, I made a cake.  Yep.  Just the cake.  I bought the ready made frosting, baked a cake, put it on a pretty cake stand, voila.  Faster than waiting around, with hungry people, as you cook one pizza at a time.  Mess that was gone BEFORE the guests arrived.  And me...unfrazzled...smiling and loving the "ooohhh, homemade??" comments as they rolled in. Why yes, yes it is.  Just a little something special just for my special people.  Chances are people aren't going to remember everything you by just making one simple thing special...I guarantee they will remember it.  Isn't that the point? Making warm fuzzies?

Other easy ideas for homemade? Well, you will just have to wait.  Welcome back!

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