girls just wanna have sun


I was so excited when I signed up to participate in POTTER AND BUTLER's  Christmas in July & Handmade Gift Exchange.  This was the most fun ever.  Personally, I love giving gifts, and it is my favorite part about Christmas.  All that looking and searching for the perfect little gift just makes me giddy. I wanted to share a little peek of what I sent my exchange partner Chelsea of RIBBON REVELRY.  Just a little mini party pack...

We were meant to be partners, because she sent me the most perfect little band of fabulousness in the SAME COLOR! Isn't that funny?! Little things like that always get me. But I LOVE the headband, what a perfect pop of color!  Thank you Chelsea!

Making something for someone you have never met is such a crazy feeling.  I got butterflies about whether she would like it or not. I couldn't stop smiling and probably weirded out the lovely lady behind the counter at the post office. A big THANK YOU to Emily over at Potter and Butler, for organizing such a lovely arrangement.  If you must know, I am paralyzingly shy deep down and usually force myself to be social...well, at least at first, then you can't shut me up.  I have a second gift to give...and I can't seem to get up the courage to give it.  It's my random act of kindness gift.  I still have a few more days in July...and I know exactly who I am giving it to. 

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