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I remember when my mom discovered Jell-o No Bake Cheesecake. It was awesome, we ate tons of the stuff when I was growing up. While wandering down the aisles for party food a few months ago, I saw that same box and decided to give it a whirl. They have a recipe on back for mini cheesecakes, in cupcake liners. I took it a step further and made them really mini, in mini cupcake liners. So, for the party, in a grand total of 15 mins, I had little cheescakes setting in the fridge. Once they had set, I added generic cool-whip topping to the tops using my favorite cupcake icing tip: ATECO 826. Center the tip above your cheesecake and press, making a little kiss. Voila. Cute little bites of yumminess. Pop those on a pretty tiered server and you are set.

Tip: always use a disposable icing bag when decorating and cut your cleanup time to mere seconds.

I'll admit it's a dessert from a box. Some of you are probably thinking, "what??? Does that even taste good?" Yes. Yes, it does. Wicked good. My guests were amazed. They can't stop themselves from eating them. It caused such a commotion and amazement that I felt guilty and admitted it was from a which nobody cared a lick. They were too busy clamoring for more. In a few short parties they have come to EXPECT these at my house. They're that good.

So, it just goes to show. Not everything has to be hard. Just take a little time to make it special, like bite sized with pretty chemical whipped topping on top. Don't forget to sprinkle on some sparkling sugar and take it to the next level, a simple little trick I learned from Jennifer of TROPHY CUPCAKES.

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