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Happy Monday! We all LOVE confetti, especially us at chez H+H, so when I found this source I HAD to share. FLUTTERFETTI, if awesome was spelled with an F. I was looking for some solid color confetti shooters for a gender reveal DIY.  Visions of an all white baby shower with a big pop of blue or pink being showered on the smiling mamma to be, who also happens to be holding a pretty white parasol. Cute right? I remembered that I had happened upon some tubes of solid colors at the local party store and went to check.  I figured the easy diy would be to wrap those in fabric to pretty them up a bit.  So, I went on Saturday, and all I found was primary colors. I checked out the brand when I got home and hit the motherload. 

You see, I have some confetti guns, and while they are totally awesome, I am stricken with panic everytime I let the boys at them.  Then I saw this DIY by my fave gal SHARON over on MELANIE's (I finally met her at ALT!! sweetest ever!) blog, YOU ARE MY FAVE and I thought, awesome.  But what I share today, is for the DIY lazy, which, I will admit, sometimes I am.  FLUTTERFETTI has airless (no shooting your eye out here) launchers for both confetti and streamers! A flick of the wrist and you are showered in confetti awesomeness. So, go check it out. They are really well priced and I love that you can pick any color or color combination you like.  If you have ever cut confetti you know how great this is.

They also have precut streamers, also in your choice of colors.  Diamonds! I love diamonds! I just bought a pack of tissue paper, so I could cut my own little heart confetti...and then I see this.  Brilliant. Yep, pick a color, any color.

Go search your little heart out (ha) HERE and then bookmark this site for future fetes.

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