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So, like I've said before, tools can make your life incredibly easy.  For example, a sewing machine can make very light work of paper garlands or fabric bunting. All you need is a straight stitch. I am going to say the same thing about the L Letterpress machine (that I won HERE). I was given the CELEBRATE dies by Lifestyle Crafts for free to try and I think I am in love. I mentioned making your own birthday banners HERE, using those individual letters you can get at the party shop. Well, my MIL is having a birthday this weekend and I wanted to use my new dies to make this Birthday Song Banner.

These dies are awesome, but I had no spacers for between the words.  Which worked fine for the cake banner (farrther down) where I threaded the twine through to hang the letters.

But for my big banner, I just made some.  I picked all the letters that had a straight shot to the other side: "A", "I", "J", "L", "T", "Z", "!", and I trimmed them into straight spacer bars. Easy peasy, problem solved. 

Also, a hint for organizing your letters for sufficient cuts. write out your phrase.  As you lay out your letters, underline each letter as you lay it down.  If you come across a second instance of the letter, don't underline it, but write it on a new line. Continue until you have all your letters. This was especially helpful for this long banner.

I set my banner up in four lines, to be the backdrop to my dessert table, you could certainly do one long banner and hang phrases across the room.   To cover my pushpins, I cut out circles from honeycomb paper sheets and folded them in half against the visible line marks. They are hard to see in the picture, but you can tell in person, I promise.

I just wanted to share the how tos (and tease you a bit) for the party we're having on Saturday.  If you follow me on instagram (Jenny Batt @hankandhunt) you have seen the other fun thing I figured out how to do.  I'm loving instagram but have no idea what I am doing yet, ie how do I link to my stream here on the blog? Does anyone know? I love instagram because I can show you what I'm working on without having to make a real post.  So follow me there (find me via twitter) and let's have some fun.

Of course, I will have a few fully decorated shots, once all the food and decor are up. 

Disclosure: Yep, I won the letterpress machine and I am an affiliate for Lifestyle Crafts, which means they give me products to try for free, but you get a 20% off discount if you use my code "HANK" and yes, I do get a commission, but it's a win-win.  Besides, my momma taught me if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. So, I only write about stuff I like. Honest.  I was not compensated for writing this post.

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