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When AT&T asked me how I used technology everyday in my DIYs, I knew they were on to something.  How do I use technology everyday to be more organized and efficient as a blogger? How do I use it to find inspiration and source my products? "It's what you do with what we do" is their new campaign and I am going to show you how they help me do what I do.

My day starts early in the morning, I'm talking 530am or earlier. My first bit of technology is using my home computer to answer emails, schedule classes and put up blog posts. Add a bit of frivolous surfing to the mix and you can see how I spend the minutes until my boys get up. I also schedule conference calls for this time because I am on the west coast, (the best coast, just kidding, well not really) and it is later in the morning for the rest of the country and the perfect time for calls.

Once the boys get up, I try to steer clear of the computer, but in all honesty, I'll continue with emails here and there  on my phone while getting Henry ready for school and making breakfast. After I walk to the bus, everything I do for the majority of the day is done via my phone.

I use Twitter almost exclusively on my phone. I like that it is easier for me to use and I can navigate better through the different channels. I use Twitter to post about my latest addition to the blog and to share links I love. I follow suppliers on Twitter to keep track of new products and techniques. Twitter is like an abbreviated blog reader. I rarely have time to sit down and read my favorite blogs lately, but I can scroll through Twitter and still get all the good bits. Now I am not saying I am so busy I never sit down, I do, I just would rather spend time with the boys instead of reading blogs. I minimize my computer/internet time to what I HAVE to get done.

Almost as addicting as Twitter? Instagram. I love it, the simple visual is perfect for tweeting and I think I might be in love with a few filters. I use it to show sneak peeks of my DIYs and just pretty supplies and random goodness.

I use my phone's internet browser more than my computer. It is with me all the time and I can quickly look up something I want to source or check when Crate & Barrel's holiday line is up yet. Hello!! I'm chomping at the bit here people! I also shop Ebay and Etsy on my phone. I can order something super quick, like these molds for birthday candles. I did a quick search on Ebay, which is the first place I search for supplies, and found birthday candle molds. I'm giving away a secret source here,  I always use Ebay first as a search enginefor DIY supplies. It will always show someone selling something and I can usually get a brand name, a better description phrase or a company to start a larger search.

I use Pinterest the same way. I will search for pretty products or check to see if my newest DIY is already out there. I also just veg and scan Pinterest for fun if Hunter is playing by himself. I use it on my phone because it times out once you get to the bottom. That is my personal timer, because as you know, by the time you get there, you have spent WAY too much time on it, right? You know it's true.

Another way I use my phone? I check if my local supplies are in stock. If I am going to Target, I will check to make sure they have white tablecloths before I decide which to go to. This is so important because I can find out if they have it before I trapse around three different stores, young boys do not like to go to more than 2 Targets in one day. Trust me.

I can't live without my maps. They save me from wandering aimlessly and save me time when I inevitably get lost in Downtown Seattle.  It is sad but true, I have lived here most of my life but there are still parts where there is a one way street and I get turned around that I have to use it.

When I took Victoria's Organized Blogger Class from Alt Channel, I immediately knew I needed to use Evernote more often. It links up everything I take notes on. I can see the notes I wrote about on a picture I snapped while out shopping when I am sourcing products for a blog post. I can see a link I saved for a product while online in the wee hours when I am looking for it at Williams-Sonoma and immediately show the store clerk to help me find it.  It links up my phone to my computer for one massive to-do list. I would be lost without it. As a girl who likes paper lists but always leaves them at home accidentally, this has solved my problem.

So, there it is. The ways I use technology to be a better blogger. If I didn't have my phone, I would be sitting in front of a computer all day, and that isn't fun. Being able to use my phone makes it easier for me to check in online throughout the day without having to dedicate tons of time. It is also invaluable as a source to find the supplies I need either locally or online.  I guess you could say I would be lost without my phone, seriously.

A huge THANK YOU to AT&T for giving me an HTC One X phone and service for one month to showcase how I use technology. I also received a gift card for supplies for the DIY coming up later this week. There are a few hints here, can you guess what it is?

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