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Remember when I asked what I could do with that simple white MDF cake stand I got from Michaels? I was holding on to it, saving the glitter ideas so they could be revealed closer to the holidays when bam...I was struck with an idea. I am always thinking about how to make cupcake toppers that you can reuse, it seems like a good idea, since you spend so much time putting them together. Of course, I change party ideas like some girls change shoes, but for more consistent entertainers, I would think they would want something like this. For example, a product sold in a shop would be a better value if you could use it more than once, yes?  Anyways, I had the idea of having cupcake toppers around the outside of the cake and attached to the stand itself. They are removeable so you can take them out to slip the cake in, no dropping required. (Yes, I know some of you were wondering how to get the cake in.) This DIY cake stand is easy and the perfect addition to your party collection. Use it for anything, just switch out the washi tape flags.

You will need:

MDF cakestand (Michaels)

wood dowels

washi tape

craft paint (I used Martha Stewart brand)

kitchen scissors

sand paper

Using a ruler, mark the center of the top of the cakestand with an x. Mark around the sides, 1/2" in at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.  Mark each spot with an x. Add four more marks halfway between each of those spots around the edges.

I know this uses a power tool, and some non-crafty people might be scared. The drill is one of the easiest to use and you can always practice drilling holes in a sheet of plywood first before attempting this.

Take your drill and use the drill bit that matches the size of your dowel, it should tell you on the package.  Take tape and place it on the drill bit, leaving the bottom 1/2" visable. This will let you drill the holes to the same depth on each. Holding the drill straight up and down, drill each hole around the edge. Blow out dust a wipe down with a clean cloth.

Take each dowel and cut in half. Sand one end of each dowel so it will fit in the cake stand holes. A few swipes of sandpaper will do the trick. Use at least a 120 grit for a smooth finish.

Paint your cakestand and the dowels any color you like. Use mulitple thin coats. Let dry.

Attach washi tape flags to the ends of the dowels and stick in the stand. Leave a few open to slip in the cake.

I like this project because I will be able to switch out the flags for any color, even add bunting around the edges for fun.You can reuse this again and again for birthdays or even Halloween. How impressed will your guest be when they ask where you got the stand and you say, "well, I made it." I will tell you the answer, they will be very, very impressed.

The craft paint is non-toxic, but please place your cake on parchment paper to use.

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