girls just wanna have sun


It's early in the morning as I am writing this for later today and I am about to make bread. I am taking this class from Tristan of Besotted Blog and Michelle of Creatocrat and I am dying from inspiration. The kind that makes you want to stop what you have to do and just take photographs of gorgeous food. I think it might be the hardest struggle of a creative, making sure you block out enought time in your schedule to just be. So if I ever seem really quiet on Fridays, like I post and run...that's why. Fridays are my off day. So, at least this time I will leave you with a few things to do while I pop off to go photograph some foccacia.

This article on how to Avoid DIY Disaster is awesome and so true.

Any class by Souvenir Foto is amazing, but this one is destined to be delicious, too.

I love gorgeous kid blogs with gorgeous photos. 

We get the halloween out of the attic tomorrow and I want to make a bazillion of these little guys for around the house.  A Beautiful Mess is knocking it out of the park lately...I mean, WOW.

I love roundups of photography tips. Brittni finds the best.

A BIG thank you to Maddy and Lyndsey this week. I can't express how amazing you both are and how much I appreciate all of your help.

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