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I almost completely forgot to put this up! Last year, I was asked by Fossil if I would create some DIYs for the holidays. I created this chalkboard advent calendar. The DIY is no longer up, so I thought I would repost it here because it really is one of my favorites. A chalkboard advent calendar is simple and involves no wrapping at all. I loved this as a garland, my original plan, but wanted to make and advent calendar look a bit different and fun. I took the branch from outside and tied it to twine. Hang anything above your buffet or make a new temporary chandelier by using the removeable hooks you can find a the hardware store, just stick 'em to the ceiling. 

You will need:

24 paper mache square boxes

chalkboard spray paint


drill and small drill bit

a board and a hard surface

The first thing I did was take off the tags on the boxes, you know those horrid paper ones that never peel off right?  The trick is heating it up with a hair dryer first and they peel right off. 

Next, take the lids off of the boxes and hold the box against the board on a flat surface. Drill one hole on two diagonal corners toward the center. You could certainly change the holes placement, depending on how you want your boxes to hang. 

Take all of your boxes and lids outside and spray paint with chalkboard paint. Spray both the insides and outsides of the boxes. Use two or three light coats, letting the coats dry between painting following the instructions on the can. Let dry overnight. Another option in the cold of winter, if it is too cold or wet to spray paint outside, try a brush on chalk board paint. You can usually find this right next to the spray paint cans of it on the same shelf. 

Once dry, thread pieces of twine between the boxes, tying a knot on the inside of each box. Trim excess. Link as many or as few as you would like. Hang your branch and hang the stringed boxes from it. Use alternating lengths to make it look more whimiscal.  Add numbers to the outside of each box, the lowest towards the top or mix it up for a hunt. Add small wrapped gifts or favors and voila. A fun and interesting advent calendar, who said it has to be traditional? This would also work as a party idea where guests draw numbers for their prize, because even grownups like treats. 


This DIY really is so simple there is no reason you can't make this today in time for Saturday. Seriously.

A styling hint? I always have a hard time finding plaids I like to use as tablecloths, here I used a vintage wool blanket my husband has had since he was a kid. The colors are festive yet a bit non-traditional, which is pretty much a given around here, right? 

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