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You know how to catch someone's atttention this season, right? Beautiful packaging. I don't know a single person who doesn't love it, even if they don't say anything, the gift starts right then and there and they instantly get excited. If the outside is this pretty, what treasures could be within? This holiday, I want to tell you about the importance of the package. All of it. When I answered the door to the postman and he handed me a pristine box with a perfectly placed label, that is when my intrigue started. I'm not saying you can't reuse boxes, but this time of year if any, calls for brand new boxes and the utmost care with labeling. It tells the recipient that you took the time to put it together nicely and it shows. I instantly felt loved. Now, you might think I am crazy but it is the whole experience of the gift, and if you aren't there to hand it over personally, shouldn't every step be taken to make it beautiful? I never thought you could make a package stunning, but that is exactly what Tristan of BESOTTED BRAND, a beautifully curated shop of stamps and papery, did. I opened the box to see this.

If I said my jaw didn't drop I would be lying. If you think this is gorgeous, you really should have seen it. It was dark and I had to reshoot during daylight, so my styling is nothing compared to how perfectly this was done. It was so pretty that I couldn't just wait until morning to photograph it. I had to open it now; I have no willpower with beautiful little things.

Tristan carefully packaged and put all of these amazing little stamps and goodies into the prettiest wooden box I have ever seen. I can't begin to tell you how special this made me feel.

It's all in the details, with added black sequins and white pigment ink (come on!!!) that truly made this an incredible experience and gift. All tied up in a big fat black satin bow? Oh heavens, YES!! Thank you Tristan, you are truly awe-inspiring.

She took something so simple and made it beautiful. Why not take a few moments to do the same this season? I was over at Besotted Brand grabbing the links for this post and noticed that yes, you can have Tristan perfectly package any of your gifts from her shop, including the amazing wooden box, with her new Holiday Concierge Services.

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