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To say that my house has a lot of craft supplies would be an understatement. I should probably be on a craft edition of Hoarders, but that also means I can experiment with supplies and bring you super easy crafts that you never knew you could make. These leather coaster gift sets are fun in a chevron print and all you need are a few simple, non-leather working tools.  I have an EPIC 6 Letterpress Machine from Lifestyle Crafts and this fall they sent me a chevron embossing folder, the ZIGZAG. This plate is meant to emboss sheets of paper, and it's super cool with paper, but I thought it might make a pretty pattern pretty quick on a piece of leather. Well, folks, I was right and it was awesome and I've decided to make one of our handmade gifts this year a set of leather coasters.

You will need:


letterpress machine

zigzag embossing folder


paper towels

exacto knife


I know I scare non-crafters when I mention leather working, but this is the easiest DIY, I promise. You will need a strip of 2-3 ounce leather, this means it is on the thinner side, ask your leather shop or it will be specified online, about 7 inches by 3 feet.  We are making alot this year from leather so we just got a full piece. Check the scrap bins for smaller sections. Using a cutting mat and a straight edge, I cut the strip about that size. 


Open the embossing folder and lay it over the strip of leather. Cut a piece slightly wider than the folder. You want to make sure if it moves while being pressed, you will still have a full frame printed. Repeat until you have at least 8 pieces, I always make extra just in case.

Run one piece of leather under warm water, saturate it on both sides. You will feel it become softer in your hands. Dry with a paper towel. You will know it is ready because the whole piece will be a darker color. Place the towel dried piece on the platform, smooth side up. Place the open embossing folder on top, pattern side down. You want to use the sharpest side of the pattern plate. Place your mat over the the leather and embossing folder and run thorugh the machine. Take out carefully and use the paper towel to wipe up excess water that was squeezed out. Repeat with remaining pieces.

Once you have embossed all of your pieces, take them back to your cutting mat and cut to 4" by 4". Keep in mind to line up the pattern and use an exacto knife and ruler. Let dry.

If they start to curl up when they dried, just twist the coaster back and forth to work flat. That's it. Wrap and give. I told you it was easy!

These would make great hostess gifts or a present to anyone. They will be shocked you made it yourself, guaranteed! Just don't tell them how easy it was!

Note: I want to make these double sided and will end up glueing two rough sides together and trimming the excess. remember to use leather glue and a weight to hold it down if you do.

If you would like to try this, don't forget to use my coupon code "HANK" and you will get 20% off! Yes, I am an affiliate, which means LIFESTYLE CRAFTS sends me free supplies such as dies and plates, I do make a small commision on any purchase you make with the promo code. All opinions are mine.

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