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We are on the final countdown, Christmas is coming up quick and I have a PSA. If you are still in need one one or two or many gift ideas, don't give up and give a sweater. Please. When the Mr. and I were discussing presents, he jokingly said "Nothing says 'I hate you' like a sweater. " Ouch, and then I said, 'but I like sweaters!' Don't feel bad, I have given many a sweater in my day, and gift cards too because I think they are useful and I like them, but he makes a good point. Where is the love in a sweater? You can do better than that, pick something that had a bit of thought involved, unless of course they really, really want a sweater. Starting to fret? Need a little inspiration? Check out your local bookstore, well, yes, these would make a great gift, but you need them for the ideas inside. Country Living sent over two festive books for the holidays for me to review. Deck the Halls, by Katy McColl, is a great source for gift tags (tear out and use these bad boys), craft ideas and decorations, and The Farm Chicks Christmas, by Serena Thompson, is your one stop shop for holiday DIY gifts. I was thrilled when I first opened these books.

Deck the Halls is a great resource and collection of goodies. I am obsessed with the colorful illustrations throughout the book and you can actually use them. This is such a smart idea for a book, to have tear out goodies, tags, recipe cards built in.

There is none of this pull it off the cd, print it and cut it out nonsense, which if it were earlier in the season isn't so hard, but now? I need instant gratification. Brilliantly printed and ready to use, the tags and goodies even include a template to pop out to cut a gingerbread house. AWESOME. I was busier than ever this holiday, and I couldn't find cute tags to use until this book. But there is more, the whole book is filled to the brim with quick holiday hints and tricks for Christmas and holiday entertaining. Even if you don't use the all the goodies right now, I recommend picking it up for next year.

Feeling crafty? The Farm Chicks Christmas, by Serena Thompson, is your one stop shop for holiday DIY gifts. You know I am crazy about vintage Christmas kitch and this book is full of it. What is different about it, is that the kitch is so beautifully integrated into the decor and carefully curated in a modern way. This DIY is for the gumdrop wreath, but this truck? The letters that spell out TREE?  This is the kind of inspiration that Christmas books should have.

Both of these books are full of gorgeous pictures, which you would expect nothing less from Country Living. Find inspiration for gift ideas and packaging up those pretty little packages. I mean, come on!

I've never packaged anything so fun in my whole life have you? I vote we try it...

A big THANK YOU to Country Living for letting me review these books just in time for Christmas, I love finding cool new books. Have a title for something you think my readers will LOVE? Shoot me an email. All opinions in this post are mine.

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