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It's that time of year again, and as a self-proclaimed crazy Christmas lady, I can only really hold out so far. It's here again, our PARTY FAVORITES series, now in HOLIDAY form. Break out the tinsel and let's get merry! If you are new around here, Party Favorites is a sneak peek into what is really in everyone's party stash to throw those signature AWESOME bashes. We are lucky to have two ladies this week, the gals of CONFETTI POP, a fun party DIY site that is filled to the brim with fabulous ideas for crafting your own gorgeous bash. First up we have Maddy, who just happens to be the same Maddy of SOMEWHERE SPLENDID. She grew up Jewish so she has shared both Christmas and Hanukkah goodies for us today! YAY Maddy!

Here are Maddy's picks for a fabulous Hanukkah party:
Favorite tree: real or fake?  If real: flocked or plain? If fake: white, silver or green? Fake. Originally, we had a 4' pink tree when we lived in an apartment. It was awesome, but when we bought a house I went for the classic white. I use it every year as a blank canvas and do nontraditional ornament color combinations every year.

Favorite color palette for Thanksgiving? Gold paired with rich gem tone colors like ruby, magenta, and purple are big musts for me.

Favorite color palette for Christmas? I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas (my family is Jewish, so blue, silver and white were basically standard issue every year), and my husband and I aren't religious, but we love putting together a tree. Every year we try to do something different and nontraditional - this year, Christmas will be in rainbow.

 Chargers: Yes or no? Yes! Always.

Placesettings: matching or mixed dishes? There are few times where I'm big on "matchy-matchy", but place setting design is one of them.

Tablecloth or runner? Either works, but I tend to go for runners more often. They're easier to iron when you're rushing around, preparing for company, and I personally think wood from the table makes the atmosphere warmer.

Favorite Christmas song? As I mentioned, I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas, so I'm not really big on holiday music. I do love John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)". Yep, go on and judge me.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing your secrets today Maddy! xoxo

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