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Kat is the awesome gal behind the brilliant shop HEART AND CRAFTS.  She also writes a beautiful BLOG by the same name. She had the coolest idea of diying a secret message to the bottom of glasses for Valentine's Day. Serve it up with homemade ice cream sandwiches and it screams I LOVE YOU!

Kat says, "I created this easy d.i.y. as a fun valentine's day treat for a loved one.  It would be perfect to give to your sweetie or to create with your children.  I made simple homemade ice cream sandwiches adorned with Valentine's Day sprinkles, hearts, and sugar to serve with a glass of milk that has a secret love message at the bottom.  Use store bought "soft" chocolate chip cookies and ice cream to quickly put these together.  Just place one small scoop of ice cream between two cookies and press down to hold it all together.  Place those on a plate or tray in the freezer for a couple of hours so they can set. Once that time is up simply roll each sandwich in your sprinkles and sugar until you get a good coating (kids will love this part) and place back into the fridge for another hour.

For the message in a glass portion I just used store bought decorative papers and stickers to decorate a small doily with Valentine's Day messages.  Use a small amount of spray adhesive to adhere to the bottom (outside) of a clear glass.  If you want to make them a little more permanent, cover in a layer of mod podge.  Pour a glass of milk and let your sweetie find their message once they finish their milk and cookies!  Happy Valentine's Day!"

Need even more inspiration? How about some pretty little cookies and gold glitter hearts on bunting? Be sure to go check out Jeran's pretty blog OLEANDER AND PALM to see her Valentine's Day bash she threw for some incredibly lucky kids.  I personally love how she topped the buffet with book pages. It makes me want to decoupage my the top of my desk. I especially love this gal cause she made my chalkboard backdrop.  I mean how cute are these little hearts? I love my readers! 

I never get to thank my lovely readers enough. I love each and every one of you. Without you, I wouldn't be able to do what I love. Ever since getting back from ALT, I have been slammed. I was busy, but then I got a cold from that place that doesn't freeze over...and wham.  I ran out of time posting all the things I love for Valentine's Day.  I sent my Valentine's out late (on Saturday) for my exchange and I pray that I put enough postage on them. I sent an email to two gals, who are awesome and sweet and I had promised to have their posts up on the blog yesterday, saying I ran out of time. I did. I feel horrible. I am carving out a few minutes before I dash off to our Sweetheart Math Party this afternoon to make it up to them.  Kat and Jeran, I am so sorry. I dropped the ball, and it is not ok. I'm sorry I didn't have time to give you the beautiful posts you deserve. I hope you can both forgive me.

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