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Spring is almost here and to celebrate LIFESTYLE CRAFTS has new BLOSSOM dies. They are screaming spring.  I have always wanted to try my hand at making crepe paper flowers and thought the BLOOM and LEAF die would make my life easier. I was right. It was incredibly simple, no scissors involved.  The best part about using the dies was that my flower petals and leaves were perfectly shaped, which is great because I can never cut anything the same size twice. 

Using a full sheet crepe paper, you can find some here, and unfold 4 times and cut off that piece.  Refold the cut section on the fold lines to create 4 layers. Place the BLOOM die on the cutting platform and lay the crepe paper on top. Place the cutting mat on top of all of this, and run it through your EPIC 6. If you place your crepe paper wisely, you can cut multiple sets out of the small section of crepe paper. I repeated the process with my LEAF die. Once I had a bunch of petals and leaves, I carefully separated each of the four layers.

Use a single glue dot to layer the flower petals, alternating the placement of the petals. Place one glue dot on the back of a leaf and add two more leaves to cover. Center another glue dot to the top of the set of three leaves and attach your twine or jute rope to the top.  Add a glue dot to the bottom of your flower and press down on top of the jute rope and leaves.  Using your fingers, gently pull and shape the flower petals and leaves. Repeat as much as you like to create a garland or back drop. These would also be pretty as corsages or atop gifts.

If you would like to try this, don't forget to use my coupon code "HANK" and you will get 20% off! Yes, I am an affiliate, which means LIFESTYLE CRAFTS sends me free supplies such as dies and plates, I do make a small commision on any purchase you make with the promo code. All opinions are mine.

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