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On Monday, we had a car/hot wheels/racecar party. My oldest turned 6, can you believe it? He loves cars and the theme was monster trucks until about 2 weeks ago. Here's to keeping mommy on her toes.

I was this close to buying some race car check pennants and I assumed that if it was online at the party store, that meant it was at the local shop. No. Of course, any excuse to use my silver fringe banners from Bake it Pretty is a win in my book. (They are still up, btw.) I wanted something fun, car related but not the Hot Wheels party in all of its red and blue cartoony glory. The wall was decorated with black crepe paper roads. We happened to have a paper monster truck on the wall already.

We cut out red, yellow and green circles with a 3" circle punch and attached them together with Glue Dots and fishing line to mimick stoplights. They look really great hanging from the ceiling.  I want to recreate them with more circles and other colors for another party.

We served licorice wires and jumbo red vines cut in half as spark plugs. I decorated mini cakes with white icing for spare tires.  They were just those 100 calorie packs from Hostess.

The party spin took its best turn when I was photographing something else for a DIY.  Henry walked up with a box of cars and said hey, let's take pictures of my cars for my party.  I turned to him, smiled and in a complete and total proud mommy moment said "YES! You are brilliant!" So, we did.  I photographed them on a white background, cut them completely to white with Photoshop and used them everywhere: on the invite, on the water bottles and on the tablecloth.  Yep. We printed these bad boys on t-shirt transfer paper, cut them out and ironed them on.

How easy is that? It took me longer to take the photos than it did to make the tablecloth.

Download the cars HERE, ready to print. Remember to change the settings in your printer preferences to TSHIRT TRANSFER so it flips the images. 

Download the bottle wraps and goodies HERE.

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