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Hello! Today I thought I'd share a little trick of mine for diys. How do I make those little animated GIFS of my DIY projects? It is really easy, let me show you how.

The first thing you need to do is set up for the shoot. To ensure your camera doesn't move, you need a tripod. It can be expensive or cheap, it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't fall over from the weight of your camera. Set up a work surface, I use this kid's table and set up your tripod so that it can shoot straight down. This is where you get a tripod that lets you adjust the angle of the legs. I use this one I got for Christmas and I love it.  You can also just use the floor and a white board. If you want a patterned background, add that too, the tripod ensures that your photo will be stable and won't shift around. You want to see movement from the DIY steps, not the rest.

Set your starting photo, here I used scissors. Take a shot. Perform your next DIY step, moving as little as possible. Here we just closed the scissors a bit. Take a shot. Repeat for as many steps as needed. Take your photos and edit them, save them with numbers in their file names. This will make it easier when you load them later. Do not crop at this stage, it is important that all the photos line up perfectly or your GIF will wobble.

For those who want to attempt this at home, download the images HERE:

IMAGE 1 // IMAGE 2 // IMAGE 3 // IMAGE 4

Open Photoshop.  I wish that I knew how to do this without it, I know it is expensive. I'm sorry! Open IMAGE 1 by using FILE / OPEN.

Now, place IMAGE 2 by using FILE / PLACE and selecting your image. It will show up with an X on it, double check you are you are centered and click ENTER to place. The image will automatically show up in a new layer. Perfect for us!

Repeat for IMAGE 3 and IMAGE 4. Now, I want to create a closing effect of the scissors, so I am going to cheat and just copy IMAGE 2 and IMAGE 3 by duplicating the layers. Right click on the layer you want, and DUPLICATE LAYER.

Reorder your layers, we want IMAGES 1, 2, 3, 4, 3 (copy), 2 (copy) from bottom to top. The bottom layer is your first frame, and the top layer is your last frame. Make sure all layers have visibility, aka the eyeball.

Here comes the fun part. We are organized and ready to go. Go up to the WINDOW folder and open ANIMATION by using WINDOW / ANIMATION. Now you will see the animation window pop open.

Click on the little text paragraph in the upper right corner of the animation window (I don't know what it is) and select MAKE FRAMES FROM LAYERS. This will make frames out of all your layers in the order we put them from bottom to top. YAY!

Now we adjust the seconds each frame will play. Click the "0.0 sec." part under the frame and select "0.2 sec." You can adjust this to anything your want, you can even make some frames last longer than others. It really is up to you, but for this we will do quick and easy. Make all frames "0.2 sec."

Hit play and do a happy dance. You just created an animated GIF. Hooray!

Now, let's save our masterpiece. We need to save this for the web, so choose FILE / SAVE FOR WEB AND DEVICES.

You will need to change the file type to GIF. This is very important, if you don't do this it won't play. Change your image size, H+H is 700 px wide. Check and make sure you are on FOREVER loop. This will keep it playing.

Upload this awesomeness to your next DIY post and you are sure to amaze your readers.

I just think they are fun and more interesting to look at than some of the boring steps one by one. Besides, with as many DIYs as I do, I have to change it up from time to time.  Now, you don't have to use this just for DIYs, you can do cool profile pictures or use illustrations or graphics. The GIF took me 3 minutes to make, this DIY took forever with the screenshots (thank you windows...grrrr) I hope this helps and you find it useful. I just wanted to share so let me know what else you would like to learn. Oh, and for those of you who just want the GIF, go ahead and click HERE to save.

I love to share and you are welcome to link to, post about and pin the heck out of this, but please don't post the whole thing or forget to credit H+H. Just share the love because that's how I pay for craft supplies! xo

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