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Even though I take pictures almost every day, and many are for my DIYs, I still consider myself an amateur photographer.   Heck, I still think of myself as a newbie to this blogging stuff and I have been doing it for over 2 years! I am always taking classes and trying to find books related to styling or events or crafts. I have a subscription to Martha mainly to study the photo styling.  It is frustrating as a blogger to find that most “stylists” have a knack for just moving things around until they look good.  But instead of being discouraged, I have found a new way to learn.  While most of my shoots are for DIYs, I started looking for things that were similar that I could learn from.  What else is small, has a bunch of pieces and is shot on a tabletop? Food.  So, there you have it.

My biggest secret to DIY styling? I am learning everything I can about food styling and photography.  A few weeks ago I was sent a book to review, FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: FROM SNAPSHOTS TO GREAT SHOTS, by Nicole Young. Nicole is a photographer who lives here in Seattle, and also has a BLOG where she shares all sorts of awesomeness and tricks for photography and Photoshop. When I received the press release for her book, I hopped over to her blog and I knew I had to read the book because of this post on light.  Go read it. I will wait right here.

You are back, ok, good. Amazing right? I know many of you are bloggers, too. I know some of you, while not blogging, still want to take pretty pictures of their parties. I mean come on, we go through all that trouble to make it pretty, we need a few pictures that show it off. Tell me I am not alone here. This book is for you. Not only does it teach you the tricks for creating beautiful photos with technical lessons about how to use your camera with the basics of composition, focus and depth of field (my personal struggle), it also walks you through entire shoots from start to finish, giving you all the tricks along the way.  You will find yourself having many AH-HA moments reading this book. She is down to earth and it feels as if your great photographer friend is over having coffee, telling you that you need to do this and this and your pictures will be awesome. Did I mention Nicole is an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) in Photoshop and that there is an entire chapter devoted to processing and editing? I am a novice in Photoshop and I was able to understand and use these tricks, AWESOME.

The book is full of beautiful images, with the styling and tools to reproduce it. I mean, that sparkly background is just a bunch of white Christmas lights? There are so many tips in this book I can’t begin to list them all. It is amazing.  On Hank + Hunt, I try to share everything, I don’t believe in secrets in my DIYs or processes. So if you ever have a question, just let me know. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: FROM SNAPSHOTS TO GREAT SHOTS is that kind of book, sharing secrets to help you become a better photographer, I highly recommend this for anyone like me who wants to improve their photos by leaps and bounds. Don't forget to check out Nicole's other books in her From Snaphot to Great Shots series HERE.

I only promote and review stuff I love. I received this book for free to provide a review. All opinions and views are my own. I just like to share great stuff. I am building a FAQ page on H+H and putting all my secret sources on there. This is DEFINIATELY going on the list.

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