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I think I would fit right in down under. As a party decorations hunter, I have noticed they seem to have quite the market for goodies. They are running right alongside the US in the party planning market. Have you seen HELLO NAOMI, KITIYA PALASKAS, IMPRINTABLES or DONNA HAY?  Oh, how I would kill to go to THE SCHOOL! Awesome right?  Well, darlings, I bring you a new source. LARK. A gorgeously curated shop that will keep you from thinking about the international shipping charges. It is THAT good. It just means that we need to order more to make the shipping worth it. Besides, as I write this $1 AUD= $0.95 USD. That's savings baby!

This lovely shop brings colorful melamine, pretty chocolate numbers and the awesome ALLERGY RIDERS. These are cupcake wrappers and flags that denote food allergies in a modern and colorful way. A brilliant product by a mom with a child with food allergies who recognized a need in the market and filled it with beautiful products. Why someone in the US hasn't done this yet is beyond me. I have hinted to a few sellers here and I will let you know when they are available.  Until then, this product alone is completely worth the shipping for me and Hunter's peanut allergies.

The rest of these lovelies? A triple cake carrier? It reminds me of that little voice in my brain...cake, cake, cake...all day long. That pretty pink striped thing in the middle? It is a cake wrap. Take a white cake, wrap it in this and voila. decorated cake. Who else, besides me, totally wants to try that? I mean really, how stinkin' easy. Who needs icing skills when you've got this.  I have only rounded up some of the partywares, but there is so much more. So go see LARK today, be inspired, order lots, and grab me those pink garden markers, I want them in my bakery stash.

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