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WORLD PARTY DAY is TODAY!!!! When Rebecca of BIG THINGS and KITIYA PALASKAS asked me to do a DIY to add to the merriment and get ready to celebrate, of course I said OH YEAH! A whole day for parties? Yes, yes, yes. Well today is that day and they partnered with The Adventure School to throw one heck of a great party. So join us, and to get you in the mood, here is a little tutorial on how to make your own confetti. It really is easy, just cut on the dotted line and WAPOW...confetti of all shapes and sizes! Hint: layer your sheets before you cut your strips, this way you can make lots of confetti with a minimum amount of effort and time.


Standard confetti: cut strips of tissue paper about 1/4-1/2" wide and cut across randomly forming squares of various sizes. This is the typical size you might find in a party store, but you can customize it with your color choices. Find cool tissue here, here or here.

Rectangle confetti: Cut a strip of tissue paper about 1" wide and cut across about 1/4" wide. The shape of this confetti offers lots of hang time maximizing effect. Think tickertape parade.

Circle confetti: Cut strips of tissue paper into 1 1/4" strips for a 1" punch, I found mine here. Punch away. This size is great for photos, just big enough to see on dessert tables and the floor/dancing feet shots. This is much larger than the usual binder hole punch size you find at the party store.

Giant confetti: Take a 2 1/2" strip of tissue paper and punch with a 2" punch, I used this one. These are just HUGE. Don't forget you can make them even bigger, circle punches go up to 3" or cut by hand and make them as big as you like! Crazy!!!

Triangle confetti:Take 1/2" strips of tissue and cut at a 45 degree angle, then straight across. Alternating these two cuts will form perfect little right angle triangles. Of course, if you are less acurate, that's fun too. Remember any shape with 3 sides is a triangle. Confetti AND geometry tutorials, I just like to share.

Diamond confetti: Take a 1" strip of tissue and cut at a 45 degree angle. Repeat. Repeat. Yay, this is one of my favorites, what gal doesn't like diamonds?

So there you have it. A few easy peasy confetti ideas.  Mix, match and party on. Don't forget to party 'round the world today and find all the happenings right HERE for WORLD PARTY DAY.  Follow @worldpartyday on twitter to keep up with the fun!

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