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This post is from last year, but I thought I would share since we are making these guys this afternoon. I'm all out of googly eyes so we're off to find some more ASAP. In a pinch you can grab them at Michaels or Joanns now, thank heaven (only sometimes) for mass marketing. I bet you could even make them...



So, I finally remembered to pull out an old recipe for Easter...this one I've had since I was a kid. I love the FUNNY BUNNY font and I am saving it in my memory to practice lettering styles in AI.

I went through my stash of my mom's old recipe cards. I love the photo styling, right? right? I think this is early 80s, you know when everything was still kind of 70s, before new wave hit...

I would have bet money it was a Pillsbury recipe, but I guess not. *I tried this with Pillsbury dough, but it spread into giant chubby bunnies, so big the boys couldn't eat it all.* Here's a picture, it's too funny not to include.

I guess that's what I get for being lazy and not making my own...


When I redid this, I used the best ever cookie dough recipe from Meaghan, over at The Decorated Cookie. It works every time, doesn't spread one bit, and tastes yummy. I rolled the dough in waxed paper to chill. Then I just sliced a bunch of 1/2" circles, cut some of them in half.


Place a circle on the baking sheet and add two halves on top, for the ears. Smooth the line slightly with your fingers. Bake. To decorate, I lined the cookies with white royal icing, also from Meaghan, and sprinkled with nonpareils. Then, I drew an x and stuck a pink jelly bean in the cross for the nose and whiskers. I added two candy eyes that I have from Bake It Pretty and voila. Easy. Not quite as kitchy as the original, but just as yummy.


**I just fixed the recipe links, I forgot about Meaghan's new site, sorry guys!**


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