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Happy Wednesday pals! If you have been following me on Instagram, just search 'hankandhunt', you in the midst of trying to refinish my dining room table. Well, four attempts and lots of sanding later, I finally am going to try to knock out the polycoat today. Not as easy as I thought, but do you want something easy to do? Make a letterpress cake topper or garland. That is actually easy. I used my trusty LIFESTYLE CRAFTS EPIC 6 machine and it was awesome. Lifestyle Crafts has new SCHOLASTIC PRINTING PLATES which are a nice classic font that is about an inch tall, the perfect size for bunting!!!

Place each letter using a double sided adhesive sheet on the lid. I centered each letter on a line, about 2 inches apart, as shown.

I only used three letters at a time, mainly because I needed two letter O's and 3 letters fit perfectly for the paper I was using. I cut A7 flat cards in half lengthwise.

I also tend to do things symmetrically to make it more efficient in production. Roll the ink on lightly with the brayer (roller.)  I used GOLD ink for these cards and it has just the right amount of shine. So gorgeous!

This ink would work well with modern or Line up your card with the same outer bounds lines you used to line up your letters. Close the lid and run it though the machine. I ran the letters H, O, and R first.

Run a few more than you need, just in case and switch letters. In my second set, I ran O, A, and Y.  Together what's that spell? HOORAY!!!

To make cupcake toppers, cut out and use a glue dot to attach to a wooden pick.

To make garland, cut out and punch holes in the top corners of each letter. Thread twine through a needle and string each letter.

Both ideas are easy, quick and fun. Remember you can mix colors of ink and get any custom shade you like. Use white and a color to make an ombre effect!

If you would like to try this, don't forget to use my coupon code "HANK" and you will get 20% off! Yes, I am an affiliate, which means LIFESTYLE CRAFTS sends me free supplies such as dies and plates, I do make a small commission on any purchase you make with the promo code. All opinions are mine.

Oh and remind me never to refinish a table again, please?!

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