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Adding little painterly edges to your simple white party decor can make it pop. Go see the full DIY over on THE SWEETEST OCCASION.

Oh, fun fun fun. The wheels are still turning in my head for this one. On my list of to-dos, learn how to do this piping techinique on the cake. Can you believe this is from a grocery store bakery? The store is under construction so their wasn't much to choose from. Usually you can find giant cupcakes with equally GIANT roses on top in the same ombre effect of the petals. It is insane.This pretty cake turned our diy pink. It happens when you are putting together DIYs. Props can determine the outcome and change it up, that is ok. You have to be willing to roll with it.

Dyeing tissue paper is a delicate process, if it gets too wet, all can be lost. I learned this the hard way. I tried to dip dye some tissue paper garland and when I tried to dry it, they all came apart. So it goes with DIYs. Not every trial is a success.

To be honest, my post was supposed to be about painterly balloons. For the life of me I could not dye balloons. I have yet to try rit dye, but I wanted bold. I saw this balloon on Pinterest. I thought, how cool would this be in hot pink at an angle? Or with two tones for a colorblocking technique? I tried food coloring. I tried food coloring baths, with and without vinegar. I tried painting them with acrylic paint before inflation. I also painted them after inflation. While painting them after with paint was pretty, I decided it was a fail because it would be time consuming and ultimately messy messy messy to do even a few balloons for a party. 

I tried using HiFloat, that stuff that coats the balloons inside to make them fly longer. Their website recommended this technique, which really was too light for my goal. It might work with clear balloons, but I think the overall color will thin too much to show some really great painterly streaks. I'm obsessed and had to stop. What was a quick DIY in my head turned out into an entire shoot day of experimenting. I have to explore one more option, liquid latex. The problem is I can't find a site that doesn't make me blush and click away because every site that discusses it, well, I'll let you guess. The stuff is expensive and might just make me let this one die. I hate that.

Sometimes, you just have to walk away. I want to let you know that you only see the successes. The prep work, hours and hours for some, the failures, the pile of garlands dyed pretty colors that fell apart, you don't see that. I guess I just wanted to let you know if you are getting started that if it takes you a long time to get ready for a shoot, even a simple one, don't dispair. It takes everyone a bit of time, no matter how many they have done before. Some longer than others...ahem. Have a lovely day, the sun finally came out to play here in Seattle and I am torn between yard work or the beach...hmmmm.

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