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Hello, hello. We're up and running here at Hank + Hunt and planning parties and whatnot like crazy people.I was organizing on my little hiatus (did you miss me?) and I noticed quite a few DIYs this year. I have them all in labeled folders by name, diy yada yada. It helps me keep track of them down the line. They are usually named the DIY post name, so if I ever need a photo later or a higher resolution version, I can find it quickly. Something I wish I did? Delete the crappy shots. I am a photo hoarder. It is so bad, I export what I will use and leave the rest. It is not a very good workflow, but it works for now, and I have to figure out something soon.

So, did you know that it's time to start thinking HOLIDAY? Now, I am crazy for Christmas, but it hurts my head to try and think of things so early. I learned last year that Holiday craziness begins early for content producers like magazines and more. In fact, I was talking to my friend Alexandra and she said she's already planning Valentine's. Yep, she's finished with Christmas. Shot. Sealed. Delivered. <--Her. Shocked. <--That was me.

Last year, I had some Holiday DIYs due in early September. While I have no looming deadlines for this year yet, I will admit that I do have Halloween pretties running around in my head. Since the boys are older this year, I am trying really hard to hide my plans and crafts from them. I just don't want to mess with their little heads when they are just getting the seasons and holidays figured out. This year I really do like the idea of getting most of my Holiday posts out of the way before the season starts. I hope it will help me enjoy the season even more. Read: less posting = more sanity. So as we start thinking about fall, as fast as summer has been blowing by, I hope to bring a few last bursts for late summer parties.

So, do you have any summer party ideas you are dying to see?  Are you throwing a bash and need inspiration? Tell me in the comments and we'll pop it up for fun! Just let me know a color, style or theme and let's get to work, shall we?

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