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It's the beginning of a new series! Party Favorites is a quick and dirty look into what actual party crazed bloggers really do keep on hand to throw their signature AWESOME bashes. I have goodies from around the web and wait until you see who is letting us peek into their toolbox. It's going to be amazing! What party decor items do you always use? What do you keep in your party box?

Isn't the toolbox adorable? It is by Alice Supply Co. and I found it on One King's Lane and you can get it here. Yes, I wish my party box was magic and everything fit in here. Truth is, my real party box is a giant clear tub packed tight with goodies. Oh, and it might be overflowing into a few other boxes...and closets...oh dear. That's another post all together.

Let's get down to business...MY party favorites, aka main party supplies, are:

1. Honeycomb balls in various sizes. I gather these in any color that strikes me when I see them in person. Buy them in bulk at a fraction of the cost at Devra Party Corp. Fun, easy, pretty en masse and fold flat for storage...that's a big requirement in casa H+H. Big.

2. Crepe paper folds and tissue paper is kept on hand in many, many shades. I make lots of fringe (have you noticed?) and I like to change my color palettes for DIYs on a whim. If I have all of them on hand, I can do that easy peasy. No, I don't have ALL of the colors, just the basics: light and dark versions of the major colors: pink, red, green, blue and yellow. I get my crepe paper and tissue paper locally in Seattle at Packaging Specialties but I have ordered here for crepe paper and here for tissue paper.

3. One really great plain cake stand. Can I say more? Goes with everything. It's a party, if your cake isn't on a stand or at least a pretty platter, come ON. Easiest DIY ever. Buy, place, party.

There you have main party faves. What are yours?

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