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We're not even half way for all the tricks and treats we have in store for you with this series! Party Favorites is a quick and dirty look into what actual party crazed bloggers really do keep on hand to throw their signature AWESOME bashes. Guess who is letting us peek into their toolbox today? The dynamic planning duo, VALLEY & CO. aka Nick and Aleah.

This wonderful husband and wife team are always sharing their entertaining tips and tricks on their blogs.  Yep, they have TWO. One for weddings and events, the other for daily casual yet amazing entertaining. Both sites offer a bounty of incredible ideas and inspiration. Go check them out right now, really, I will wait here.

Welcome back, aren't they amazing? They plan events in both Seattle or San Diego, so look them up if you're in the area! Let's learn a few more of their tricks, shall we?

1. TEA TOWELS: don't underestimate the power of tea towels! We love to use them as over sized napkins - they can be dressed up {or down} with twine, confetti, leaf napkin bands or place cards. The brighter the colors the better!
2. EDIBLE PARTY FAVORS: no matter whether we're entertaining at home or throwing a fête for our clients, sending guests home with a little token gift is a must. Bonus points if it's something they can nibble on!
3. FUN, SHINY THINGS! Most any party can use a dose of something glittering, sweet and unexpected. Pops of color are always fresh.

*We always pepper in a good play list, too!

I just want to give a BIG HUG out to Nick and Aleah, who have always been great supporters of H+H from the get go. You guys are wonderful and THANKS for sharing your party tricks! xo


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