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We just started a new series here called Party Favorites and we have my favorite person here today! Party Favorites is a quick and dirty look into what actual party crazed bloggers really do keep on hand to throw their signature AWESOME bashes. Guess who is letting us peek into their toolbox? Sharon of CUPCAKES AND CUTLERY is here today to share some of her tricks. She blogs about the coolest finds in the OC, dangerously yummy desserts, diys and uber cool original themed parties. 

If you need a killer inspiration board, she makes my very favorite on the whole internet, her style is awesome.This gal not only is my online BFF and my future roomie at ALT, party mayhem will ensue, she rocks some of the coolest parties on this side of the rockies. Lego Dance Party? Need I say more?

(psst - part of me really wants this poster, it's in my branding colors and did you know a girl donkey is called a Jenny? Random facts of awesomeness here at H+H, random facts for your pleasure.)

Please welcome Sharon, my best supporter and dear friend whom I've never met in person. Here are her favortie things:

1.  A STAPLE GUN - Not only can staple guns be used for party crafts beforehand, it also is perfect for hanging backdrops outside, stringing lights in trees or creating a more festive celebration at an off site location (such as a public park - not someone's house.  I promise I have never shot up someone's house with staples)
2.  EMPTY GLASS JARS of all shapes and sizes - Whenever I clean out my fridge or cupboard, I save all the glass jars.  These can be painted, filled, used as glassware, vases and so much more.  I might use the taller ones to serve a signature beverage out of and the smaller ones I can use to create a make-shift cake stand. 
3.  ROPE - in all shapes and sizes.  I love ropes for a quick and easy garland.  Ropes can be used to suspend a little display table from your patio cover.  They can wrap glass jars above or empty tin cans for a decor element.  The possibilities are endless.
4.  A GOOD PRINTER - My go to printer is Direct Edge Media in Orange County.  My parties wouldn't be nearly as cool if it wasn't for the awesome signs and paper goods that I have printed there.  Of course they do my invitations, but they have also blown up my son's finger paintings to display very large at an art party and printed a huge donkey for our pin the tail on the donkey game.  I make it a point to not go visit the shop and see what they are capable of so I don't get too crazy. Custom printed goods really set your party apart.


She has 4, not the usual 3 but she's my friend and that's just one of the benefits of being one of my first followers ever. That and these are so important I didn't want to pick anc choose. Thank you so much Sharon, these are great and you are amazing as always.

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