girls just wanna have sun


Have you ever had a tough time planning the menu for a party? I'm gonna come right out and say it: I'm not a foodie, or really a cook, and I always seem to plan the food last. I think it is probably because I am a simple eater. I like comfort food. I want the party to go smoothly and never really give much thought to the food. I think about what I can cook, what is a tried and true recipe, what works over and over. I use regular dinner menus. I use my time to think about cupcake flavors, cookie shapes, and tidbits. In all honesty, my dessert tables aren't even that complex. When I first started blogging parties I thought it was fun to go all out and buy all the cute coordinating candies. Now, I don't know, it just seems excessive.

Does anyone actually eat it? I tend to use the decorations to be the focal point and I am kind of over the dessert table trend. I know you guys probably want to smack me right now. A party blogger that doesn't go nuts with desserts? Dessert tables are sure pretty, but even as a sugaraholic (I've been known to eat candy melts if that's all I have in the house that is sweet) I realize that is a crazy amount of candy. It's always good to have options for your friends and family to eat, but does it have to be sweets? Does it all have to be fancy? I don't see anything wrong with serving a veggie tray, provided it isn't still in the plastic one it came on. Do I have one at every party? Yes, disclaimer: I do chop my own, those trays are kind of dry. Will I photograph it for the party and show it on my blog? No.

What I am getting at, well, just don't feel stressed about planning the menu. Parties should be easy. Simplify. Have a few amazing things to eat and decorate like a mad woman. Besides, how many platters do you really want to wash after the party?

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