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We just started a new series here called Party Favorites and do we have the BEST guest here for you today! Party Favorites is a quick and dirty look into what actual party crazed bloggers really do keep on hand to throw their signature AWESOME bashes. Guess who is letting us peek into their toolbox?  EEK! It's Mrs. Lilien, aka the hostess with the absolute mostess! 

Yep, the fabulous Mrs. Lilien is here to share her favorite party picks. A lady of many boisterous and beautiful bashes, she has a brand new book out called Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook. It's dangerously delicious and a must have for any party.

Here are her party favorites:

1. GOLD SEQUINS (I stock these mothers by the barrel full!!) I put them in my gifts amongst the scented tissue, I sprinkle them in all of my correspondence and if I'm hosting something snazzy - I'll toss them all over the table, floor and chairs. I like to leave my mark on people, even if it's stuck to their cacaboose upon leaving my home. HA!

2. PERSONALIZED KRAZY STRAWS I cannot tell you how mad I am for this kind of thing.Being the eternal toastmistress, its imperative to stock the highest of cocktail accoutrements - the kind that beckon giggles and gasps. These are best used when tossing your fanciest affair. I live to garnish my most elevated cocktails with my MRS straws!
3. EDIBLE GOLD STARS I sprinkle these all up in my cocktails & punch bowls (see Today Show segment) These can really bring the wow factor to eve the lowest-of-fi cocktails (think : Beer-lemonaid punch) Fun edible bling is a must for ever spice cabinet / bar cart!
I just want to thank the Mrs. for bringing her awesomeness to H+H today. It was a pleasure having her stop by to share some of her secrets. Be sure to check out her new book and crazy awesome blog. What party decor items do you always use? What do you keep in your party box?
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