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I like gold, a lot. I like it shiny, I like it dull, I like it old and I like it bright. I'm also mad about gold flatware but not crazy enough to spend that much on a placesetting. Someday maybe, but for now with two kids...not gonna happen. I'm scouring thrift stores and garage sales to hopefully find grandma's old set from the 80's, but until then I will just use this DIY for fancy parties and everyday picnics in the backyard. I know neon handled flatwares are nothing new, but let's change it up and make some gold...oh the possibilities of spray paint. Go check out the DIY on THE SWEETEST OCCASION this morning!

Side note: I keep myself stocked up on gold spray paint, I love it that much.

Styling notes:When I was shooting the final shots for this all I knew was I didn't want to set a full table. There would be too many details and distractions from the focal point, the DIY. When something is small, I like to shoot it close, to make it the largest part of the frame. If this was a more involved DIY, like if it was for adding gold accents to a table and flatware was just part of many mini DIYs, then it would be better to set the whole table with everything. Does that make sense? When shooting the final shot of a DIY, you need to make sure the DIY is obvious. Just think about if it was just that picture standing alone, hopefully on Pinterest, would someone be able to tell from that final photo what the DIY was? If the answer is well maybe...try again until it is. Don't be afraid to try mulitple angles and set ups. Here are a few shots that didn't make the cut.

They aren't bad photos, they just didn't make the cut this time. But trying different set-ups and styling will help you learn what you like and what you don't like.

The top is a photo of the flatware on my favorite sweater. Try new things for backgrounds, this one is just too bold. If the print was washed out or paler, it might have worked. I'm also aware that not everyone is crazy for leopard and I don't want my flatware look like it should be on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The one with the yellow flowers almost made it in. It even got a name in the queue. But I noticed the terracotta reflection on the gold and the napkins are slightly blown out, which means the whites are glowing and lose definition. The flowers are some of my favorite, but they just don't quite fit in. In the final round it was cut and didn't get used.

The book cover is amazing...I love it. It is one of Ed's old geology books, which is why the spine is not so beautiful. I also didn't notice the plate in the background and I have a thing where I hate stuff in the background unless I have put it there on purpose. It's not so bad, but it didn't help this picture's cause.

Photography and styling is trial and error. It is always a process. Practice will help you get the vision in your mind to match the picture that comes out of the camera, with fewer misteps along the way. Don't like your photos? Take more, it is the only way. 

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