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To be completely honest, I am panicking at this very minute. In two short hours I will be getting real headshots. All of the past shots I have ever had for the blog are taken by me, with a tripod and the timer. I set the camera to 10 second delay with 10 bursts of the shutter. See the shot above? That was the setup for my last portfolio picture. I can press the shutter, pop into position and let the camera snap away to hopefully get one out of (very) many photographs. While they turn out ok, I have always been kind of jealous of the pretty photos that other blogs have for their portfolio.

I am so excited to have a fabulous photographer, Jessica of Jessica May Photography, the same gal who is doing the headshots party for Seattle bloggers in a few short weeks. I needed mine sooner and she was gracious enough to slip me into her busy schedule. Thank you!!! I am freaking out about what to wear, and my last minute trip to the mall with both boys in tow didn't fair well. I will be wearing what I already have, with a few secret wishes that I had a fashion blogger's closet. My most stylish friend is off in sunny Florida with her family and I didn't panic early enough to have her help me style something. If you have noticed I have been quiet so far this week, this is why. It is silly and superficial and I'm sorry. I just thought I'd share a bit of the growing pains that go along with growing your blog.

While it is ok to take a self-portrait, there aren't enough good things I can say about getting a great photographer to take your shots. I am a tutorial photographer, not a portrait or wedding photographer. I'm also a mom, so that means I am always behind the lens, not in front of it so I'm not used to it at all. Any other moms out there notice that there aren't very many pictures of them throughout the years? It's terrible, no? Anyways, there comes a point where it's time to invest in some good pictures of yourself and take some steps to making your blog as pretty as it can wish me luck.

Has anyone had headshots taken recently? Any tips for relaxing?

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