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We are continuing a series here called Party Favorites and today we have a quick and dirty look into what actual party crazed bloggers really do keep on hand to throw their signature AWESOME bashes. Guess who is letting us peek into their toolbox? Let's peek into self-proclaimed party addict Melanie from YOU ARE MY FAVE. One of the first blogs I started reading ever, you know the kind. Awe inspiring, pretty pictures and never ceasing to amaze you? That's how I feel about Melanie. Party person extrodinaire, pretty little new mommy and ALT Alumni...Melanie is my fave.

Have you seen the series by Melanie called "___ in a Box"? It is truly amazing and the best version of a collage I have seen. It's awesome. Here are a few sneak peeks, but you'll have to follow her to get the newest renditions.

Melanie shared some of her absolute favorites that she always has on hand, here is what she said:
I pride myself in being able to go through my house and make a pile of things to donate without hesitation but when it comes to party supplies, I could be on a reality series about hoarding. I always think, "I know there's a party I could use this for in the future." I've had decorations saved for my children's birthdays for a couple years now. I have one son and he's three months old. This needs to stop. 

Here's my little list of three party supply essentials: 

1. CONFETTI - Every time I see an event on TV where confetti falls from the ceiling I think, "I wish I was there," even if it's the finale to something horrible like Dancing With the Stars. I just love it that much. I really like the shape, size and colors of this dot confetti from good ole' Party City. 
2. PRETTY PACKAGING SUPPLIES - So you can whip up a cute favor in a snap. Think small muslin bags, twine, brown kraft paper boxes, thank you stamps and washi tape. Olive Manna and Xpedx are two of my favorite sources. 
3. CAFE STRING LIGHTS - You could throw a party in a cardboard box and if you hung up these lights, everyone would comment on how pretty it looked. Instant game changer. I stock up at Target every summer.
Thanks again Melanie, always inspiring and distracting me from getting any real work done. Not that I mind! xo!
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