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We just started a new series here called Party Favourites, that's the fancy spelling in honor of our guest today. Party Favorites is a quick and dirty look into what actual party crazed bloggers really do keep on hand to throw their signature AWESOME bashes. Guess who is letting us peek into their toolbox? Let's take a hop across the pond to see amazing picks from WILL of BRIGHT.BAAZAR. Yep, that Will. Will has impeccable style, a drop dead gorgeous blog and his these picks will have you daydreaming of gloriously bold parties. I might have quite a few times while writing this post.

I instantly adore people who love color and Will is crazy about it. Pop on over and get a dose, it's sure to brighten any grey clouds away.
Please join me in welcoming Will!
Hello! I'm Will from Bright.Bazaar and I'm delighted to be here sharing my top three party favourites with you all.

1. I keep a little stash of honeycomb tissue balls in stock as they bring instant festive cheer at anytime of year! These playful red, white and blue designs were perfect for the Jubilee year, too!
2. Another party favourite of mine are striped paper straws - I like to mix blue and red colours in the summer for a nautical feel when having drinks out on my deck.
3. Perhaps it's a British thing but I don't think any summer party is complete without bunting. And, for me, it's a case of the more the merrier!
Thanks for having me, Jenny!

You can read more from Will on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest. A HUGE Thank You to Will for sharing his party secrets.
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