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It happens, you drop it in the sink, knock it over on the shelf or end up with careless movers.  You broke a cakestand, now what? What happens usually is that the bases come off of the tops. It looks fixable, so I save them. I wasn't quite sure how to fix them, but I knew it could be done, it had to be fixable, right? Just how do you fix a cakestand? I will show you how today.

Cracked handles on mugs have an easy solution, super glue. But for enitre tops that come off, like the mercury glass one or get busted off by my lack of grace, super glue is not gonna cut it. You need something better for the job. That's where Gorilla Glue Epoxy comes in.  When I was talking to them about regular wood glue, they mentioned that they carried an epoxy product that can fix things like this, that and the other, and...cakestands. I said, "oh, really? I might just happen to have three in need of this. Yep, not one, but three."

So, guess what came in the mail this weekend? Yep, cakestand salvation. Hallelujah! Set your cakestand bottom next to the top on top of paper to protect your table. Remove any old glue. Open your epoxy and squirt some into the tray and mix well with the stick, per package instructions. Note: this stuff stinks, open the windows and turn on a fan. Apply to the top of your bottom and attach the top. It will take a few minutes to set, so make sure it is level. Be sure to clean up right away any stray glue with acetone or rubbing alcohol, I used nail polish remover on a paper towel. Let dry. Repeat with remaining cakestands. No, just me? Ok. Don't forget to snap the lid on the epoxy container.

Those that know me, know I am a klutz, this stuff improves my chances a little. Gorilla Glue sent me the epoxy for free, all opinions are mine.

A huge "I AM SO SORRY I AM SUCH A BUTTERFINGERS (and never told you that I broke your beautiful gifts)" to my pals Bina (mercury stand gifter) and Sharon (white stand gifter)...but look, I fixed them!!! Yay!

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