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I'm lucky enough to be hosting a class Thursday, January 10th on Alt Channel, the Niche Blogger Meetup for DIY Bloggers! Yay!  There are still a few spots available so sign up today, it's FREE thanks to Bing! Bing is a huge sponsor for Alt Summit this year and has sponsored ALL of the classes on Alt Channel for January. Awesome right?  I'm a bit nervous to be up there all alone talking, so be sure to tell me to shush if I talk too much. It's about my favorite subject, DIYs and I might not be able to stop talking. This meetup is the online version of a coffee meet and greet, so get ready to ask and answer every question we can fit in an hour about DIY blogging. There are no secrets, so be prepared to share.

To celebrate how much fun it will be, I thought I would share my very favorite craft supplies. These are the ones I ALWAYS have on hand, no matter what. I don't think I could craft without them in close range. I wanted to show you that you don't need a full arsenal of craft tools to make something beautiful. It's amazing what you can do with some scissors, paper and double stick tape.

I have tried a few different brands throughout my three years of DIY blogging (wow, time flies) and these are the best.

I have tried almost every brand there is and this is my favorite. Best Double Stick Tape: Duck Brand

Get some good scissors and save yourself some time. Best Craft Scissors: Gingher

Use this for everything, even black marks off white frames or extra glue. Doesn't leave a mark. Best Eraser: Sanford

If you make garland, you need this. Period. Favorite Circle Punch (2 3/4 is perfect for garland): Paper Shapers by EK Tools

Does this need explanation? It's pretty. Best Glue Gun: Martha Stewart Crafts

Every crafter must have a cutting mat and rotarty cutter. Straight edges are so simple with one. Use for paper or fabric and streamline your processes. Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter: Fiskars

I can't live without twine. I always have two kinds on hand. Always. Kitchen Twine & Black Divine Twine

Do you have any favorites? Anything I should add to this list? I just realized that crepe paper and tissue paper should be up here, darn. Maybe they will get their own post.

Since we are talking about DIYs...did you know I am also speaking at Alt Summit? I'm in the Effective DIYs + Pinterest Panel so if you are at Alt swing by after the panel and say hi! xo

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