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Last week I had the amazing opportunity to interview Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy. Yes, that Maxwell Ryan! HP had asked me if I would be interested in asking him a few questions about Spring organizing and I instantly jumped on board, I mean a chance to interview Maxwell about home decor? Yes, please! I have been organizing like a madwoman, it literally took five days to put away all the bits and pieces from the Trophy shoots. Seriously, things kept popping up everywhere around the house (and in the car). So for me, the answer was clear, I decided to ask him a few questions about taming the chaos that is being a DIY blogger - the craft cave. Apartment Therapy always has amazing tips and tricks for small spaces, so naturally Maxwell had some great suggestions. 

Creative types tend to be messy, what are some ways you can suggest to keep craft supplies under wraps wihle still being easily accessible?

His answer was simple and easy - beautiful storage. He has been using these fabric covered boxes from Quilted Koala for his daughter's craft and art supplies. He said that they are easy for her to get into (and put away) and that they just stack them up nicely next to her bed. Since the fabric is a pretty pattern, it looks great and conceals the chaos within!

Have a little more than would fit in a few (or many) boxes? Try putting your craft space in a closet like this example that even has a sewing machine neatly tucked away.

In small spaces, what are some great design tips for people who work from home with a desk in the main living area? What can they do to keep it visually appealing yet still functional?

Maxwell said if you have to have the desk out in the open, like many of us do, to keep it clean and clear. He mentioned a beautiful living room that had a desk behind the sofa and had a keyboard and a pretty screen. The secret to achieving this is wireless. Using a computer that minimizes or eliminates unsightly cords and wires is essential. He mentioned that they recently got an HP wireless printer and it doesn't even have to be in the same room, you can print from anywhere in the house or office. How amazing is that? Technology can help clear the clutter that can consume a home office.

Grab a cup of coffee and be sure to check out these workspace tours, where he tends to get all of his ideas lately.

I just want to send a huge THANK YOU to Maxwell for taking a moment of his time to talk with me (and my organizational issues).  I also want to thank HP for making this possible!

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