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Do you want to know how to make a super easy fringe runner for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta? I love tissue fringe and I was looking for a way to add it to my table. I wanted something full and fluffy and to achieve this look, I decided I needed MORE tissue paper. That's where it could have been tricky and super messy if I used glue. Layers upon layers glued together? Too much trouble. I always want it cute and quick. So, get ready to break out that sewing machine and don't be scared, it is super simple. I will let you in on a little secret, I only know how to sew straight lines. Seriously. There's a few things here or there but 99% of the time, I just break out the sewing machine to get stuff to stick together with no dry time.  I am always sewing in a straight line. Fringed tissue in bright colors is an easy way to bring the celebration to your next party so let's make this!

You will need:

50 sheets (20" x 30") of tissue paper (I like to use the flat reams from Paper Mart)

cutting mat, ruler & rotary cutter (save your sanity from fringing)

sewing machine

You can mix and match your layers to your desired colors. To cover the length of my table, I need two sections. Measure your table and determine how many sections you will need.

Stack 10 sheets for each layer before cutting.

Bottom: Leave 10 sheets uncut.

Middle: Cut 10 sheets 14" wide.

Top: Cut 10 sheets 8" wide. You can get tops for 2 sections out of 10 sheets.


Once you have all your layers cut, arrange them in order for each section. Take a section to the sewing machine. 

Start sewing through all the layers, down the center. I used a contrasting thread for pop, but feel free to use once that matches the top layer. I also used a zig zag stitch, this is a simple setting on your machine, check your manual. A straight, your default stitch, will work just fine too.

Stop about 5 inches from the end and add your next section. Be sure to alternate the layers to hide the seam. Think: new/old, new/old, new/old. Keep sewing.

Note: for more than two sections at a time (I made a 20 foot length for the Windows' dinner) try a slightly different method.  Leave off the top layer for the first run. Sew together only the bottom and middle sections at a time. Sew about 3 sections together at a time. Then sew those sections together. Then add the top layer and sew it down over it. It makes it a bit easier to manage in pieces. Plus, since the top layer is sewn on last, you can be sure to have a pretty finishing seam, regardless of any mishaps.

Once you have sewn your sections together, trim off the excess ends. Cut with scissors if desired. To save time and guarantee even fringe, use a rotary cutter, a ruler and a cutting matt. Insert the mat underneath each layer and cut strips usine the rotary cutter moving right to left.

Fluff the fringe and voila.

Add this on top of a fun tablecloth- Viva la Fringe!

I first made these runners for the party I decorated for the Microsoft Windows dinner at Alt. I loved it so much that I have been meaning to share the DIY with you. Can I tell you how much it has been killing me to wait until Cinco de Mayo - what better holiday to have oodles of fringe on your tabletop, right?

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