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When I am searching for inspiration or new products to use in my DIYs, I like to do image searches. Rounding up the products and pinning them helps me organize my ideas visually to plan a project or just to save things I like that I can use for inspiration later. Have you noticed that you pin alot of the same things? I sure do, I usually end up pinning similar things and start to see a trend. Unfortunately, I just can't pin everything I really like. I have to admit that I have missed pinning some great stuff simply because of the time it takes to track down the source, go to the website and then walk through the pinning process. This not only means I miss inspiration because I am in a hurry, but many times I miss the links to products I need to source for a DIY. I have been almost to tears trying to find the perfect cake plate I just saw, where was it at again? I swore I would remember.

Enter awesome new tool. Last fall, I particpated in a focus group of lifestyle and design bloggers at Bing here in Seattle. We talked with Bing about our needs as bloggers and how we use search engines. What happened? The Bing image search has a great new feature, 'Pin to Pinterest'. Get this, you can pin right from the image search. Gone are the days of clicking through, just pin it and be done with it. The pin credits the original, high resolution source, hello blogger heaven. Paired with the already amazing search engine tool (did you know you can filter by site and picture orientation?) my image hunts are going to be so much easier and faster.

In theory, this is going to help me be much more productive. The less I click over to a site when I am searching for something, the less I will be distracted by the content. Honestly, who hasn't wasted a few hours reading and browsing around looking at things you weren't looking for. Not that I don't get inspiration from that, but it will save me a ton of time and keep me from doing it every time. I'll be able to whip out Cinco de Mayo inspiration and products in a blink of the eye, adding more original pins to my boards, which is always a good thing. In short, I am loving the 'Pin to Pinterest' feature on Bing, both personally and for the blog.

This post is sponsored by BING. All opinions are my own.

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